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ProRISK's unique and proprietary understanding of corporate governance risk integrated into the underwriting process mitigates risk and provides Boards with independent commentary on their governance practices. It was developed in partnership with the Founder of Global Governance Advisors - Canada's largest independent governance advisory firm.

Recent corporate failures have highlighted the need for corporate reform.

Canadian regulators have recommended best practices for corporate governance while requiring Canadian public companies to disclose their actual corporate governance practices against the recommended best practices.

Proposed best practices include:

  • Maintaining a majority of independent directors on the board of directors
  • Holding separate regularly scheduled meetings of the independent directors
  • Appointing a chair of the board who is an independent director
  • Adopting a written board mandate and developing position descriptions for directors
  • Providing each new director with a comprehensive orientation and continuing education program; and,
  • Adoption of a written code of business conduct and ethics, among others.
  • ProRISK determines each company's corporate governance rating. Not only does this provide us with a unique and enhanced underwriting tool, it also gives the company guidance as to specific areas and issues where corporate governance practices may be improved.

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