ProRisk Underwriters

How We Do Business:

Operating exclusively through retail insurance brokers, ProRISK offers the unparalleled promise of an experienced staff committed to professional and efficient service.

Our Value Proposition: Is to always be a leading underwriter of Management Liability Insurance in Canada by fulfilling our commitment to people, services, products and process for our brokers and the insurance buyer.

ProRISK provides for a true partnership with Brokers, and a compelling opportunity for their growth and their clients protection in Canada:

  • Local experts with a proven track record of success,
  • Simplified access to Lloyd's of London, which is the world's largest specialty market,
  • Established Brokerage and Industry customer relationships driving the business,
  • Governance expertise designed to mitigate losses.
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    Target Business:

    At ProRisk we are building a fully diversified book of business. This approach applies to our management liability book as well as to our cyber liability program. The diversification is intended to be along all types of businesses be they public Canadian, public inter-listed, private or non-profit. We are looking at diversity across industry types as well as including natural resources, transportation, communications, technology, manufacturing, financial institutions, real estate and retail / wholesale operations.


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